‘Groundhog Day’ Style Sci-Fi ‘Selling Time’ Gets A New Director And Script To Court Will Smith

In October, The Wrap reported Will Smith was on board to star in Selling Time, but the deal was still “sensitive” and not finalized. Slashfilm speculated it was sensitive because Smith would want more creative control on the screenplay and who would direct.

Now Fox has signed D.J. Caruso (The Salton Sea, Disturbia, Eagle Eye) to direct, and the guy who originally sold the story in 2001 (Dan McDermott) is returning to rewrite the script. Deadline says he’ll be rewriting it with Will Smith in mind.

Smith would be playing a man who sells seven years of his life in exchange for the ability to relive the worst day of his life and do things differently. Was the worst day of his life the day Uncle Phil died? Because if he doesn’t save Uncle Phil in this sci-fi Groundhog Day scenario I swear I’m going to Jazzy Jeff this DVD right out of my local library.

Then again, I’ll also settle for him punching Stephen Tobolowsky at some point. But if he doesn’t either save Uncle Phil or punch Ned Ryerson, count me out.

Banner picture via The Image Worx / Shutterstock.com.