The Most Ridiculous 1960s Batman Gifs

Ever have one of those days when you’re running around the city with a bomb held over your head and there’s just no place to dispose of  it without hurting someone? Nineteen sixties TV Batman feels your pain.

If you’ve never seen the Batman TV show with Adam West, these gifs tell you everything you need to know. The show embraced the camp, each villain’s new scheme was more ridiculous than the last and Batman’s utility belt had an answer for literally every problem he could possibly encounter. While you might not like how the Dark Knight is portrayed, the show holds up incredibly well as a comedy.

Check out these wonderfully ridiculous gifs and let us know your favorite memories of the show in the comments.

Via Turner D. Century

When I watch this, I imagine this being said quickly in a high pitch voice the way you do after hitting your thumb with a hammer.

Love the bat suit.

Via Lord Fuzzy Ruu

Don’t worry! Batman has shark repellent in his utility belt. 

Via If Tad Was Cool

Try to look at this gif without hearing Adam West’s voice in your head.

Via Bea Arthur Baracus

Poor Robin, Bruce gets all the good assignments.

Via Hailey Potter

I wouldn’t mind watching an entire show in this animation style.

Via Incandecente

There was no wall Batman and Robin could not easily climb. Via Kennel Ruth


Via Viva Discordia

It always comes down to a fistfight. 

Via Viva Discordia

The famous Batman dance!

Via I Am Drinking Horchata

Such speed!

Via I Am Drinking Horchata

The Joker looks like he’s struggling. 

Via I Am Drinking Horchata

I guess they couldn’t get any big waves in real life. 

Via I Am Drinking Horchata