Woody ‘Wooderson’ Harrelson Gets Older, They Stay The Same Age

If you haven’t read over Robo’s tremendous work documenting Woody Harrelson’s dumpster fire of a Reddit AMA and the fallout that continues, do yourself a favor and do so. It’s equal parts fascinating and roflcopter, and easily my favorite thing on the internet right now.
The debacle — particularly the prom-crashing/de-flowering accusations — got me to thinking of Woody as a modern day David Wooderson in Hollywood, which is particularly ironic seeing as how Woody is best buds and stoner/concert companion with the real David Wooderson, who coincidentally just revisited the persona for Butch Walker’s “Synthesizers” video.
So yeah, me cranking up the photoshop machine and getting to work on Wooderson Harrelson was meant to be. “It’d be a lot cooler if you had a prom date.”