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LeBron and Greg Oden vent; the worst-case Plan B for Odom

By 07.24.09
LeBron James (photo. Mannion)

LeBron James (photo. Mannion)

Thursday’s NBA news wire looked like the brainstorm meeting for an after-school special. First, with the promotion for LeBron James‘ quasi-autobiography (Shooting Stars, co-written with Buzz Bissinger of Friday Night Lights fame) underway, the big bombshell — and perfect cover-up for the Jordan Crawford thing — was ‘Bron Clinton revealing he smoked weed once in high school. In a book that mostly focuses on his high school career, LBJ also wrote about dealing with fame at a young age. “We had become big-headed jerks, me in particular,” James said. “And we are to blame for that, but so are adults who treated us that way and then sat back and smugly watched the self-destruction.” … Then we found out that Greg Oden started seeing a sports psychologist this year to deal with the pressures he faced and work on his confidence. This is actually a very positive development if the sessions worked. Oden clearly isn’t one of those Kobe/Tiger-types who can perform at his highest level no matter what’s going on in his head, so if he’s having issues, it’s best to get them worked out. Also good news that G.O. has been working on the court with Brian Grant, who could probably start at PF for the Nets right now … Oden is at the Team USA mini-camp in Vegas, which tipped off yesterday. JaVale McGee was added to the roster last-minute, which kind of makes sense (kid has a ton of potential) but could also look really bad in a few months if one of USA Basketball’s centers is a third-stringer on his own team behind Brendan Haywood and Fabricio Oberto, who just signed with the Wizards … Which is a worse form of torture for Lakers fans: The false report earlier this week that Lamar Odom had re-signed with L.A., or the rumor that if Odom isn’t brought back, the team may go after Shelden Williams? Are they just trying to re-create the scene from Love & Basketball where Shelden sits front-row at Staples Center cheering for Candace Parker? … The free agent pool must be drying up, at least when it comes to cheap point guards. The Sixers are reportedly interested in Carlos Arroyo, and the Heat are also looking at forgotten relics like Jamaal Tinsley and White Chocolate, who is mulling a comeback from his one-year retirement. At least Arroyo was playing ball this past season — between Tinsley and J-Will, who would you rather have? … Speaking of relics, the Spurs added some frontcourt depth by signing Theo Ratliff. If this were 1999, a big-man rotation of Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess and Ratliff would be straight beast-mode … When we asked the DimeMag.com readers to recall the best players they’ve ever seen who didn’t make it in the NBA, we know it would bring backs lots of memories. You guys came through, too, from the usual suspects like Ronnie Fields, DaJuan Wagner and Randolph Childress, to guys we’d even forgot about like Andrew Moten and Ed Gray. And why do we get the feeling Paul Harris is gonna start popping up on these kinds of lists pretty soon? … We’re out like The Landlord …


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