Can’t We All Just Get Along (without Twitter)?

By 08.19.09
Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson

Welcome to the (so far) most Twitter-infected edition of Smack ever written. We begin with Nate Robinson, who was arrested yesterday in NYC for driving on a suspended license, and broke the news himself — on Twitter. Nate actually tweeted while he was being pulled over (if only this kind of technology existed when Rodney King got popped in ’91), and what started with his windows being too tinted turned into a revelation that his license had been suspended for an unpaid ticket he says he didn’t know about. Granted, this is a very minor legal matter, but it’s also horrible timing for Nate when he’s still technically unemployed … One of the League’s other high-profile jobless guys, Allen Iverson, took his free agency news to the Twitter crowd. Iverson wrote that he’s waiting for the Bobcats, Heat and/or Knicks to make an offer, and promised he’d be looking like his mid-90s self whenever he gets back on the court. On paper — and we’ve said this about 13 million times in the office — New York makes the most sense. They can ink A.I. to a one-year deal and not worry about ruining their chances with LeBron/D-Wade/Bosh next summer; Iverson can start at PG while Chris Duhon moves to the bench, or he can start at two-guard, so you don’t have to worry about any chemistry problems; A.I. gets a chance to prove himself going into next summer’s free agency period; and New York gets to sell an assload of jerseys and tickets. What’s the problem here? … Miami would be a good fit for Iverson since they could use another scorer, but Pat Riley has also made it clear he’s riding with Mario Chalmers as the starting PG, so there’s a high probability we see a repeat of the Detroit disaster with Chalmers playing the role of Rodney Stuckey … (Serious question: What is Chalmers’ ceiling? Will he ever be an All-Star? Is he closer to a Derek Fisher or a Jameer Nelson?) … The Bobcats could also use a scorer in the backcourt and a go-to guy like A.I. who can close out games in crunch time. Not to mention they could definitely use a shot in the arm with ticket sales, merchandise and national TV appearances. Unless Gerald Henderson is being penciled in to start at the two, we don’t see anyone standing in A.I.’s way of starting, and Larry Brown has said he’s open to working with Iverson again … Of course, the basketball world’s clown prince of Twitter, YouTube and all that is the Internet, Mr. Stephon Marbury, couldn’t go a day without being heard from. After reports surfaced that the Wizards may be interested in actually signing Steph, then Brendan Haywood went on the radio sounding like a 7-foot Beanie Sigel going after Kanye (“He’s on YouTube crying with no shirt on for no reason, sweating while his boy’s rubbing his shoulders. What’s that about? That’s like gay porn.”), Marbury responded on Twitter: “Topic Brendon Haywood. GoD bless brother. You can’t run forever. Now you guys can have at it.” … And that wasn’t even Steph’s weirdest tweet of the day: “I’m want to buy a team. What part don’t you get. I’m done running for someone else. I want to run for myself. Is that wrong.” Now, we know Steph has actually done well with his NBA money, but even if he had enough to buy a team, can you even imagine somebody going into negotiations with him? Maybe Steph should start with a barnstorming playground squad just to prove himself and we’ll go from there … In non-Twitter-related news, White Chocolate Jason Williams‘s comeback audition tour took him to Orlando, where he got decent reviews after working out for the Magic. The team has an extra roster spot, and right now it’s just Anthony Johnson behind Jameer. This could be a good spot for J-Will … Last night we posted the first commercial starring Brandon Jennings since he’s officially made it to the League. Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re feeling it … So Brett Favre is back in the NFL. At least this gives the people in Minnesota something to talk about and forget about Ricky Rubio for a while, but unfortunately it means we’ll have to boycott ESPN until it’s no longer the 24-hour Favre network. We haven’t seen so much waffling since we ran into Jerome James at the Rio breakfast buffet during All-Star ’07 in Vegas … We’re out like staying retired …

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