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Iverson’s come to save/destroy the Grizzlies; one Jordan myth debunked

By 09.10.09
Back to the good ol' days?

Back to the good ol' days?

Even if you’re one of those who believes Allen Iverson is washed up at 34 years old and has nothing left, you have to admit the Grizzlies made a smart move by bringing him in for a one-year rental. The weeks of rumors finally became (almost) official yesterday, as both Iverson and Memphis management confirmed an agreement had been reached, with a contract signing and press conference soon to follow. And really, what’s the worst that can happen here? Memphis was headed for the Lottery anyway in a tough Southwest Division (Spurs, Mavs, Hornets, Rockets), and it’s not like O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay need somebody to show them how to be ball-hogs. (Nobody was confusing those two with Chris Paul and Lamar Odom.) The Grizzlies might win a few more games with A.I., they’ll definitely make some more money via merchandising and ticket sales, and after this year, they won’t have to deal with Iverson anymore if they don’t want to. Unless you think A.I. really is the Devil incarnate and kicks puppies in his spare time, it’s not gonna be THAT bad in Memphis … Oh, and Beale Street is going to be off the chain. Iverson might be an old man by NBA standards, but he can still get it in with his party game. Same for Zach Randolph. The guys at Drunk Athlete may as well create a “Memphis Grizzlies 2009-10” folder right now … In another move we saw coming a while ago, Dwyane Wade said he’s definitely not signing an extension with the Heat and will test the free agent market in 2010. “That’s no longer a conversation we’re really having right now,” Wade told the Miami Herald. “We’ve talked about it all summer. We know where they are — they know where we are. We both want the best. But the focus is only on trying to get better than we were last year. And then we’ll get back to the table and look at everything.” That sounds a lot like what Chris Bosh was saying last week. Long story short: Let’s see what kind of team you put around me before I commit to anything … (And if the rumors are true that LeBron could get HIS OWN TV CHANNEL from Cablevision if he signs with the Knicks, D-Wade would at least get his own sitcom) … (And don’t count the Bulls out in the Wade sweepstakes, either. He has a lot of good reasons to go back home, but a Wade/Derrick Rose backcourt is just too good for us to even talk about right now) … Aside from Iverson, Wednesday’s other NBA personnel moves included the Hornets trading Antonio Daniels and a second-round pick to Minnesota for Darius Songaila and Bobby Brown (the sober one), and the Warriors officially re-signing C.J. Watson to their one-year qualifying offer …

Ray Allen + too many Tiger Milk bars

Ray Allen + too many Tiger Milk bars

Finding this (photo to the right) in our e-mail inbox was scary as hell and had us thinking Stephon Marbury‘s crazy had rubbed off on Ray Allen, until Ray later explained on Twitter that he had his face painted for his kid’s birthday party … Stat lines from yesterday’s FIBA Europe championships: Boris Diaw scored 19 points, Ronny Turiaf had 18 and 14 boards, and Tony Parker chipped in 17 points and four steals in France’s win over Russia; J.C. Navarro dropped 21 points, Pau Gasol added 13 and nine boards, Rudy Fernandez scored 19, and Ricky Rubio had nine points, two assists and three steals in Spain’s win over Slovenia, while Goran Dragic put up 19 points and six steals for the losers; Hedo Turkoglu had 13 points and eight rebounds in Turkey’s win over Poland, while Marcin Gortat had 21 points and seven boards; Nenad Krstic scored 17 in Serbia’s win over Great Britain; and Lithuania beat Bulgaria, Greece beat Isreal, Latvia beat Germany, and Croatia beat Macedonia … So you know that famous story about Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school team? It’s not totally true. The Charlotte Observer tracked down Mike’s old gym teacher, who says MJ wasn’t technically “cut” as a sophomore: “Back then, (most) 10th-graders played JV; that’s just the way it was,” Ruby Sutton said. “Nobody ever ‘cut’ Michael Jordan. Him not making the varsity that year was not his motivator — he was motivated well before that. He just always wanted to be the best.” That’s not even the craziest part of the story (read it HERE): Did you know Leroy Smith is REAL? … We’re out like Tiger Ray …

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