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More details on the Delonte West case; Spurs get their new Bowen

By 09.22.09
Delonte West

Delonte West

While the Cavs figure out what they need to do about Delonte West and possibly keep some Plan B’s in mind, more details of Delonte’s arrest emerged yesterday. Most importantly from a basketball standpoint, Delonte’s first court date isn’t until late-November, about three weeks into the regular season. So it’s unlikely the NBA will take any kind of disciplinary action before then, and Delonte can start the season playing ball and keeping Anthony Parker away from his starting SG job. West is being charged with two misdemeanor concealed-weapon counts, which is about the best he could’ve hoped for … LeBron was in New York yesterday on the latest stop in his summer-long media tour, this time to promote his documentary More Than a Game. We haven’t heard anyone ask LeBron about the Delonte situation yet, but he’d surely give the “I don’t know all the details / no comment” answer anyway, which is the right thing to do … The Spurs kinda-sorta found a replacement for Bruce Bowen, reaching an agreement with Keith Bogans on a one-year deal. Bogans is a strong defender who was often given the assignment of guarding guys like Kobe, D-Wade and Brandon Roy when he was with Orlando. At 6-5, he’s not ideal to guard a powerhouse like LeBron or ‘Melo, but he makes San Antonio’s defense a little tougher and can score better than Bowen … Ron Artest is back in the funny-quote column. Asked if L.A. fans might blame him if the Lakers fail to repeat as champs in 2010, Artest said, “They should. That’s exactly what should happen if we don’t repeat. They won last year, and I’m the new addition. The fans expect to repeat. Everybody in L.A. expects a second ring. And if we don’t, then, yeah, they should point it right at me, throwing tomatoes and everything.” We’ve seen what happens when you throw a cup of water at Ron-Ron; safe to say NOBODY is f-ing around with fresh fruits and vegetables … Training camp is getting closer and closer, and Nate Robinson and David Lee still don’t officially have jobs. We keep hearing the Knicks are going to re-sign both guys any day now, but for whatever reason, nothing is happening. All reports indicate Lee and Nate will take one-year deals, although there is some talk of Lee still being dealt in a sign-and-trade, possibly to Utah for Carlos BoozerRanking O.J. Mayo on our list of the NBA’s 30 go-to guys wasn’t as hard as deciding whether we felt O.J. would actually be Memphis’ go-to guy this year. Mayo took the job from Rudy Gay over the course of last season and handled it well, but now Allen Iverson is in the mix, Zach Randolph is there with his 20-and-10, and Rudy put on 20 pounds of muscle this summer and is gunning for a huge contract. Assist numbers might be very low in Memphis … One day after it was reported on that rising senior PG Austin Rivers (son of Doc) appeared to be wavering on his commitment to Florida and looking hard at Duke, Rivers told us in another HSH exclusive that he’s officially re-opened his recruiting, and Duke and Florida would have to fight it out to get him. Read the whole story HERE … Actual transcript of the Monday Night Football announcers during last night’s Colts/Dolphins game: “Wildcat wildcat wildcat wildcat Peyton Manning wildcat wildcat wildcat wildcat Watch Dancing With The Stars wildcat wildcat wildcat wildcat wildcat” … Seriously, though, nobody loves Miami’s trick offense more than Chad Pennington. He’s making NFL starting QB money, he’s resurrected his career, and he almost won MVP last year, all while getting to sit out a dozen offensive plays a game. He’s like a part-time employee getting full-timer benefits. He’s the football version of Peja Stojakovic … We’re out like Bowen …


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