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New threads for the Bobcats; new owner/borough for the Nets

By 09.24.09


No team will ever admit it — not even the OKC Thunder — but some NBA uniforms are just plain ugly. From the ’90s Nets (tie-dye?) to the original Vancouver Grizzlies to the Wizards’ gold/black tragedy, there have been some bad ones along the way. And with their bright orange base and the checkered-flag side panel for “special” occasions, the Charlotte Bobcats have cracked the list since their inception. Yesterday, however, the ‘Cats unveiled their new unis, the one Gerald Wallace is wearing in the photo. No more bright orange overload; it’s blue for the road and white at home. (The orange is “avant garde” according to the press release.) So says the Bobcats website: “Reflecting both the tradition of basketball in the Carolinas and the maturation of the NBA’s youngest franchise, this new look represents the next step in the Bobcats’ evolution, while paying homage to the players and teams that have come before it. Juxtaposing history and modernity in a style that would appeal to all generations of basketball fans was the challenge laid out to design teams from the Bobcats and NBA uniform manufacturer adidas. Their response was right on the money.” Invoking history is kind of tricky when Adam Morrison and Primoz Brezec are prominently involved in your franchise lore, but we appreciate the effort … After the ‘Cats re-signed Ray Felton this week, another big free agent domino fell. Nate Robinson has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the Knicks. Yeah, we’ve heard this about 47 times already this summer, but supposedly it’s for real this time. Now we wait on David Lee … Down the road from the Knicks, the Nets pulled off a significantly larger transaction, welcoming a new principal owner yesterday in Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. Long story short, this makes it increasingly more likely that the team will actually move to Brooklyn sometime before Jason Kidd‘s son makes it to the NBA … Prokhorov says he is now the only NBA owner who can dunk. We think he’s sleeping on Mickey Arison, though. And on a side note, U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell has asked David Stern to investigate the Nets’ new owner for whatever reason … The day after Miami’s coach was over-hyping Jermaine O’Neal and Q-Rich like they were a Tyler Perry movie, new Pistons coach John Kuester is trying to sell Ben Wallace as a threat. “Ben will surprise some people,” Kuester told a Detroit paper. “There’s more in that tank than people realize.” Whatever you say, man … Speaking of useless big men, the Wolves did what NBA teams should’ve been doing YEARS ago, telling Mark Blount to not bother coming to training camp and try to find a trade for himself. THANK YOU … Kobe, LeBron and Iverson don’t surprise us anymore. You want a slept-on NBA player who can polarize a group of fans whenever his name pops up? Try Kevin Martin. When K-Mart came in 24th in our latest go-to guy ranking, the crowd seemed strongly split — half of them are certain that Martin stinks, while the other half think he’s great. Where do you stand? … After Shaq publicly endorsed the NBA refs in their labor feud with the League, Players Association prez Derek Fisher released a statement on his website. “I, along with the NBPA Executive Committee, unanimously endorse the quickest possible resolution to the negotiations between the National Basketball Referees Association and the NBA. Our referees are the best in the world at what they do and they deserve to be treated fairly. Players throughout the league are concerned that the use of replacement referees could compromise the integrity of our games. Our fans deserve the best product that we can put on the court and that includes having the best referees. Anything less is unacceptable to our union and our members.” … Two questions: (1) Who actually visits Derek Fisher’s website that isn’t related to him? (2) Doesn’t Fish sound awfully proud of the same refs he complains to all game long? … We’re out like Blount …


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