I Hate You Ricky Rubio

08.26.09 8 years ago 45 Comments

Ricky Rubio

Perhaps I’m just the only one, but I feel betrayed. It’s like when you go to a party and a girl tells you that she’ll meet you there and either a) doesn’t show up or b) is making out with some other dude in the corner. The point being, you set your sights on someone, made the effort, laid the ground work, and then you’re left high and dry and with no Plan B. I imagine that’s how the Timberwolves feel right about now.

While word officially broke this morning that Ricky Rubio wouldn’t be making the trip to Minnesota this season, the writing has been on the wall ever since the NBA Draft. While he was rumored to go as high as No. 2, before slipping to the Timberwolves at No. 5, Rubio has been back-and-forth about his NBA future. But why?

Here’s a kid who has been playing professionally since he was 14 and got his chance to start for an NBA franchise at Day 1. Sure he must have been a little confused when Minnesota took Jonny Flynn right after him, but perhaps one of the two were headed out of town.

The Knicks had been pursuing Rubio since before the Draft, and I guarantee the he wouldn’t have signed a six-year deal with Regal Barcelona had he been sent to New York. Six years?! By the time Rubio finally makes it to the League he’s going to be as irrelevant Fran Vazquez.

If you don’t remember, Vazquez was selected 11th overall in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Magic, but rather than playing alongside Dwight Howard, he decided to continue playing in Spain. While Rubio’s contract supposedly contains an affordable buyout in 2011, you have to wonder when he will actually make the jump.

Lucky for Minnesota, they have a Plan B in Flynn and can put all this Rubio nonsense behind them – hopefully making Timberwolves fans forget about him for at least a couple years. Personally though, I’m upset that I’m stuck with a couple more years watching Rubio on YouTube and not SportsCenter.

Now that it’s done, what are your thoughts on this whole situation?

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