Rockets Offer Battier and Brooks for Ricky Rubio

06.29.09 8 years ago 30 Comments

Shane Battier

We’ve seen grown women get hot and bothered by Ricky Rubio‘s presence. And now, we’re seeing him have the same affect on stat geeks. Instead of trusting his secret formulas, Rockets GM Daryl Morey offered up two of his gems, Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks in exchange for the Spanish PG.

Maybe Morey, who is famous for plugging players into video games to make sure that they sync with the rest of his squad, used to the “create-a-player” function to simulate Rubio’s impact on the Rockets’ roster. Or maybe it was the draw of having two international mega-stars on the same roster that got him all worked up.

With the news of each new offer for Rubio, David Kahn looks more and more set in his belief that a backcourt of Rubio and Jonny Flynn works. He happily said that the Wolves would be willing to wait a couple of years for Rubio to play out his contract overseas if need be. And he’s getting lambasted for that – ESPN’s Chad Ford gave Minnesota a C+, which was one of the worst marks for the draft, for taking two guys that play the same position.

But if Kahn is starting to see what everyone else is saying, then it makes sense that he’d reject this trade, as it doesn’t change the “positional landscape” (just made that phrase up) for Minnesota. They’d still have a boatload of PGs, and they wouldn’t acquire a legit scorer in the trade. The Wolves are desperate for a perimeter scorer. The Rockets might have stumbled upon one in the second round in either Jermaine Taylor or Chase Budinger. But those names aren’t going to win the Rubio sweepstakes at this point, as they’d prefer one who is already NBA-proven.

Maybe we’ll see Kahn change his mind when teams come at him with an offer that includes a perimeter scoring threat.

Source: Real GM

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