Steph Curry’s Adorable Daughter Absolutely Owned His Post-Game Press Conference

05.20.15 3 years ago 22 Comments

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About the only thing more impressive than Stephen Curry‘s 34-point Game 1 performance in a 110-106 win over the visiting Rockets Tuesday night, was the patience he showed at the podium after the game. It was there where the 2015 NBA MVP attempted to navigate questions while his halcyon daughter, Riley, was bouncing on his lap and generally creating a delirious bit of lighthearted bedlam with assembled media.

First there was the coy, “Be quiet,” she gave her slightly exasperated papa.

Then she played a little hide-and-seek with the curtain under the podium as bemused reporters scampered to capture her hijinks on their smart phones.



Riley’s only two years old, so she got a little sleepy after all the Game 1 excitement, despite the relatively early hour on the west coast.

But Riley wasn’t so tuckered out she couldn’t wave to a public that has instantly fallen in love with her.

Simply put, we’re all Riley fans now. But her cute kid act isn’t new to us. We already loved her impromptu staring turn during ESPN’s Curry Cook Off earlier this season.

Another star in the Curry family was introduced to the nation after Game 1. Also, Steph and his wife are expecting another little munchkin to join Riley some time this summer.

(video via Golden State Warriors; The Cauldron; Becca; Whitney)

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