The Anti All-Star Team

02.12.09 9 years ago 23 Comments
Baron DavisBaron Davis

SI’s Paul Forrester put out his NBA Anti All-Star team today, headlined by the man shooting the lowest field goal percentage in the League, Mr. Baron Davis.

PG – Baron Davis
SG – Tracy McGrady
SF – Mike Miller
PF – Shawn Marion
C – Sam Dalembert

Not a bad starting five. But let me offer a couple of amendments.

First and foremost, I’m replacing Sam Dalembert with Tyson Chandler. In Bill Simmons’ words today, “Tyson Chandler has played like absolute dog crap and might be Exhibit A for the “Wait, are we sure the Hornets like Byron Scott?” debate.”

I haven’t seen that seemingly unstoppable Chris Paul-to-Chandler alley-oop once this season. Teams figured out that if you bump him 10 feet from the rim, he won’t get the head of steam needed to catch that lob. Plus, he doesn’t have the strength to fight through.

Forrester mentions DeShawn Stevenson in his second five, but he’s got to be starting in my opinion. His stats are appalling: 6.6 points per game, 31.2% FG, 27.1% 3FG. He should actually be ashamed.

Source: SI

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