Top 10 Sidekicks In The NBA

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With Chris Bosh on his way to Miami to be Dwyane Wade‘s sidekick for the foreseeable future, we decided to rank the 10 best sidekicks in the NBA today (not including Bosh). Here are how the “Robins” of the NBA stack-up:

While the Bulls are actively looking for another player to be Derrick Rose‘s sidekick, or even overthrow Rose as the No. 1 guy, Noah is currently a solid No. 2. While his offense is average, Noah provides defensive intensity, and great rebounding to complement Rose’s perimeter skills. He won’t be No. 2 for long, but while he still is he deserves a spot on this list.

While Chris Paul needs more talent around him, West has proven to be a good No. 2 option. He is a good pick-and-roll partner for his point guard. While West is a good sidekick in terms of fit for Paul, he would really be best as a No. 3 option for the Hornets.

With Joe Johnson re-signed for $119 million, Smith will be returning to his role next season as JJ’s sidekick. Smith fits the role pretty as he can run the floor with Johnson, and with Johnson doing a lot of ball-handling Smith has become the perfect alley-oop partner for him. But he and Johnson both seem to lack that “killer mentality” all too often.

Lost in Brandon Jennings‘ emergence as a star last season, was Bogut’s emergence as well. His injury likely cost the Bucks their first-round series against the Hawks, and his ability to stay healthy will be key for the team this year. Bogut is an ideal pick and roll partner for BJ, and his post scoring takes pressure off the perimeter guys to carry the load.

Nobody expected Nelson to be an All-Star caliber point guard when he was drafted out of St. Joe’s, but that’s what he has proven to be. Nelson can score, but also knows when to give the ball down low to Dwight Howard. Nelson beats out Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter for this position because he knows how to best play off of Superman.

Aldridge was drafted the same year as Brandon Roy, and the two have grown-up together forming one of the most promising young tandems in the game. Aldridge has great range for a power forward, which enables him to run the pick and pop with Roy so effectively, and like with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant these two guys have better chemistry than most.

Westbrook is the perfect sidekick for Durant. He can create his own shot, lead the break, and is working on becoming even more of a true point guard. Russell also has an incredible chemistry with the face of OKC’s franchise that is so important for any 1-2 punch.

When Billups came to Denver two seasons ago, the team appeared to be an incredibly talented but troubled bunch that would never do any damage come playoff time. Billups took control of the Nuggets and led them to the Western Conference Finals in 2009, and has proved a stabilizing force for the team but particularly for star Carmelo Anthony.

Even though Parker may be on his way out of San Antonio, while he is still in a Spurs uniform the No. 2 spot has to go to him. Parker has the ability to speed the game, and penetrate the lane at will, which is a nice foil to the plodding offense of Tim Duncan. Not to mention the fact that he has won three championships playing alongside Duncan.

Gasol taking the number one spot is an easy choice. He has been the perfect partner for Kobe Bryant in the triangle offense, and since he arrived the Lakers have made the NBA Finals every year including victories in the last two. With Gasol at Bryant’s side, there is no limit to how far the Lakers can go the next few years.

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