The Ultimate 15-Track Basketball Warm-Up Playlist


Jay-Z (photo. Nike)

There aren’t many things more powerful than LeBron James going full speed to the rack on a fast break, but music is one of them. Music plays an integral part in a player’s mindset before he steps onto the hardwood. Look into an NBA locker room before a game; all you will see is a bunch of Dre Beats with music blaring in them.

I compiled what I consider to be the ultimate warm-up playlist, 15 songs that will put even an average Joe into a “Black Mamba” state of mind before a game.

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“300 Violin Orchestra” – JORGE QUINTERO
This might be the best warm-up instrumental ever created. Going about three minutes without a single word, this instrumental evokes powerful emotions. This is the type of song a player wants in his ears right before tip-off. It’s the ultimate song to put a player in the zone to dominate.

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“Start It Up” – LLOYD BANKS Featuring Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Fabolous and Ryan Leslie
Want a banger? Leave it up to Swizz Beatz to handle that department. Swizz teamed up with Yeezus, Lloyd Banks and Fabolous for this track. This is one of those songs that just makes you want to get up and go crazy. You can hear this song still being played in warm-up playlists at the high school, collegiate and professional ranks. You want a problem? VROOM, VROOM, START IT UP!

Yes, Kendrick Lamar made amazing music before “Control” came out. Yes, this song is one of them. King Kendrick completely spazzes for the first two minutes on this track. If you listen to this track, it’s almost necessity to listen to it again and again and again. Kendrick’s first verse flows as smoothly as a Steph Curry jumper on this one.

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