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Michael Irvin May Or May Not Have Just Taken Tim Tebow's Virginity

Exciting Christmas Trees, Dog Tricks, And Links

By 12.27.11

Here’s The 2011 Movie Trailer Mashup Set To Lords Of Acid You’ve All Been Waiting For |UPROXX|

Jump Ball: 12 Predictions For The NBA Season |Smoking Section|

Blogging Advice: Logan Morrison’s Twitter Is Not A Source |With Leather|

If You Forget Your Password To Louis C.K.’S Website, You’ll Get A Special Treat From Him In Your Inbox |UPROXX|

Review: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo |Film Drunk|

2011’s 5 Most DVR’d Moments Capped By Roethlisberger’s Choke Sandwich |Warming Glow|

So Is Everyone In Sports Doing The Ironic Sweater Thing This Year Or What? |With Leather|

Every Batman Suit Ever |Film Drunk|

GIF of the Week: Predator Pwns Alien |Unreality|

The 30 Craziest Facebook Stories Of 2011 |Buzzfeed|

The Awww Of The Day: Introducing Puppy Wolf |I-Am-Bored|

Top 10 Over-Partyingest Moments On Adult Swim |Adult Swim|

Playing Games With This Frog Is Like Playing With His Emotions |GorillaMask|

Diablo III Gingerbread Skull Has Delicious and Demonic Candy Soulstone |Technabob|

Hollywood’s Hottest Jews: Some People Are Just A Little More “Chosen” Than Others. |Pajiba|

18-year-old’s Facebook status: “Yo dawg, just robbed a store in Pittsburgh. Here’s a picture of them loot.” *The Pittsburgh Police Department and 4 others like this. |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: Dog wearing his fancy Santa slacks descends stairs like a boss. |via Reddit|

[Pictures via The High Definite and Geeks Are Sexy]


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