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Darwyn Cooke's "Minutemen" Looks Great

By 06.05.12

Nathan Implosion’s favorite, Rich Johnston, has the first five pages of “Before Watchmen: Minutemen”, which comes out tomorrow. Johnston seems prone to overanalyzing, so we’ll instead sum up our two cents right here.

This is obviously intended to be of a piece with “Watchmen”, but the artwork is gorgeous and very much in Cooke’s style, opening with a cinematic “zoom” shot that looks a little like a certain last hurrah from “The New Frontier”. The book itself seems to be using Hollis Mason and “Under the Hood” as a framing device to explore what happened to the Minutemen, and Cooke nails Mason’s dialogue and resigned but optimistic attitude.

It’s five pages, but it’s five pages of Cooke’s A-game. If the rest of the team on these books can deliver this kind of quality, this will be absolutely worth reading.

image courtesy DC


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