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The Burrito Bomber Is A Drone Dropping Burritos Wherever Burritos Are Needed (Which Is Everywhere)

By / 12.13.12


Have you ever wished it would rain burritos? It’s all we ever think about. Now Darwin Aerospace has fulfilled our wish like some sort of benevolent snack djinn. Their “Burrito Bomber” is a drone built to drop a payload of burrito goodness to a location chosen with a smartphone app. Better yet, it’s made with open source software and mostly standard parts.

The drone is a modified Skywalker X-8 running on Ardupilot. It delivers its tasty payload using a modified Quanum RTR, a remote-controlled toy bomb for hobby planes. The canister for the burrito is Darwin Aerospace’s custom design and was 3D printed. [Technabob]

Darwin Aerospace put all of their code and 3D models on their GitHub page for anyone who wants to build one. Fair warning: this product is illegal until 2015 under current FAA guidelines. But once 2015 rolls around, this Burrito Bomber will be the perfect counterpart to the Taco Cannon. To quote commenter wxsteve in the Taco Cannon post, “So this is how Taco Bell wins the Fast Food Wars in Demolition Man.”

Check out the video below to see this too-hot-for-the-FAA burrito machine in action. We applaud Darwin Aerospace for this momentous contribution to humankind and extend our sincerest hopes that they don’t get raided by the DEA anytime soon.


That looks illegalicious.

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