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Batman Gets All Misty In These New ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ TV Spots

By 10.17.13


You don’t generally associate Batman with getting all nostalgic, but apparently getting decked will do that to you. At least if these new spots for Batman: Arkham Origins are to be believed.

The first one is a little Polar Express at first. But once the concept becomes clear, it’s actually pretty neat:

There’s only so many different ways to cover this ground, so that’s actually pretty interesting. Especially the Bat-beating; it’s hard to land a shot on Batman. The second is a bit more… lighthearted:

Apparently Batman will stuff you through a car door if you tick him off. Which seems more or less in line with the overarching theme of Bats being a slightly more… hostile version of himself.

We’ll have all the fun come October 25th, a rare Friday release date for a video game but one that’s starting to become a theme among DC games. Until then, let’s speculate wildly about the eighth assassin; me, I think it’s Zebraman’s time to shine!

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