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Meet The Best Bad Guys In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Suicide Squad’ #28

By 02.07.14
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SSQUAD_Cv28 banner

The Suicide Squad is having a banner year. They’re coming to TV on Arrow, they might finally get the gritty action movie they deserve, and their book has never been better. Of course, in-universe they’re all on the verge of being murdered by a giant android, but that’s life in Belle Reve Prison.

A quick overview for the non-DC readers: The Suicide Squad is a team of supervillains with bombs in their necks, working for the United States government. They go on missions with an extremely low chance of success; if they die, no one cares, but if they survive, they cut some time off their sentence. Traditionally, it’s a grittier book than the usual DCU, where anyone can die and nothing is what it seems.

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In other words, it’s a natural fit for Mind MGMT‘s Matt Kindt, who perfectly nails the kind of amoral attitude a team where the most respectable person is Deadshot would have. Of course, there might not be a squad after the events of this book, where Power Girl and Steel try to help keep OMAC in line. See for yourself…


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