5 Movie Star Superheroes That Would Work Better On TV

By: 05.07.14  •  69 Comments


I wouldn’t mind more of this on my TV.

Wonder Woman

Yeah, I know, Wonder Woman hasn’t got her movie yet, but she is going to be in Batman/Superman and the Justice League movie, and Warner Bros. claims they want to do a Wonder Woman movie if they can find the right script. Ol’ Wondie definitely has Hollywood stars in her eyes.

Now, a lot of people have chalked Warner Bros’ slow movement on a Wonder Woman solo movie up to horrible sexism, but I think there might be a less contentious issue with bringing WW to the big screen — she just hasn’t had many iconic stories. None really.

That said, Wonder Woman has had some good runs. Brian Azzarello’s has had a good run. Greg Rucka and George Perez had good runs. Unfortunately, none of these runs can be easily condensed down into a single, tight, movie-friendly story. They would make good TV arcs though! Most of Wonder Woman’s best runs have revolved around her adapting to the modern world after being raised on a magical island, and serving as an ambassador for her people, which is interesting, but not necessarily the stuff of a punchy summer blockbuster. It would be good fodder for a mildly political, strong lady getting things done Scandal-esque series though.

Or hey, if you don’t want to deal with all that, just re-film every episode of Xena: Warrior Princess with the main character in American flag undies instead of a leather skirt and you’d have a pretty passable Wonder Woman show.

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