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‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Starling City Burns Again

By 05.07.14
Felicity: Always Adorable

The CW

Felicity: Always Adorable

It just wouldn’t be a finale episode of Arrow if Starling City didn’t burn to the freaking ground, apparently. And that appears to be what’s happening tonight.

First of all, this episode is titled Streets of Fire, so A) that’s not good news and B) it’d better have a sledgehammer fight scored by Jim Steinman or the whole season’s a wash. Anyway:

  • Brother Blood and the Deathstrokes got together to go trash the city.
  • Isabel Rochev turns out to be Ravager and is upset with Diggle for shooting her. Get used to it, lady, he’s about to do it a lot more.
  • Ollie’s plan to kill the Deathstrokes backfired and he got buried under rubble.
  • Laurel somehow did not die.

This episode promises to feature a whole bunch of Malcolm, who may be spiriting Thea off to Nanda Parbat to make her an assassin, and may feature the return of Black Canary, who probably left to get Malcolm in the first place. Hey, look, a preview!

Man, they’d better not be setting up Laurel to become a heroine. We’ll find out tonight at 8pm EST. Join us, won’t you?


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‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Starling City Burns Again


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