The 10 Best Kart Racing Games Of All Time

By: 05.29.14


6) Blur

Blur kind of came and went without leaving much of a dent, but I liked it a lot. The game’s basic premise was, “What if we took real-world cars and dropped them into a wacky kart racing game?” and hey, it worked for me. If you’re jonesing for a power-up packed racing game without all the cutesy cartoon characters, I suggest digging this one out of the bargain bin.



5) Mario Kart DS

I’ve never been a huge fan of portable racing games, but I certainly can’t discount Mario Kart DS. The game really went above and beyond — it had the best graphics on the DS, introduced the engrossing mission mode and was the first Nintendo game to feature a significant online component. This was the rare handheld game that not only equalled, but in some ways actually exceeded its console counterparts.

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