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‘The Flash’ Has A New, In-Joke-Filled Trailer

By 07.28.14

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The CW’s Flash got pretty good reviews out of San Diego Comic-Con this year, although everybody already saw the pilot. And, of course, there’s a new trailer on the Internet. And it’s rich with in-jokes!

Probably the funniest example of this is the crossword the lazy cop in this trailer is filling out. Among the clues he’s worked out are Grodd, S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris, Thunder, and Flash, so somebody in the prop department has a sense of humor. Probably the biggest in-joke, and a hint that Brandon Routh will be appearing in this series as well, though, is the Palmer Technologies billboard.

Go ahead, guess what their slogan refers to. Also, it’s not really an in-joke, but the Flash is going at about the speed of sound in this clip, according to the radar gun. Which makes this shot, while entertaining, mildly improbable:


This premieres October 7th, right before Arrow kicks off the third season by hurting Felicity. So it’s nice to know we’ll have a fun, light show to contrast Ollie and Diggle kicking every ass in Starling City.


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