5 Reasons Bond Should Go Sci-fi Again

You could make the argument that most Bond films have been at least a little sci-fi, but the series has only fully embraced the genre once. Moonraker is mostly a punchline these days because, well, it’s got James Bond in a spacesuit shooting lasers guns in it, but it’s really not that bad. For my money it may be the best of the Roger Moore Bonds (damning with faint praise, I know).

Yeah, the current serious, gritty direction for Bond has been good (Skyfall looks great) but here’s five reasons why a return to sci-fi might also work…

James Bond Visiting Outer Space Is More Plausible And Relevant Than Ever

Back when Moonraker came out (1979) the world was only a decade removed from the moon landings. Going into space was solely the domain of astronauts specially selected and trained by massive American and Russian government agencies. Space was still far out of reach for any normal person. Even James Bond, not exactly a normal man, looked out of place up there.

Things are different now. Private enterprise is getting more and more involved in space flight. Space tourism is starting to become a thing. Guys sponsored by Red Bull are jumping out of balloons from space. If Lance Bass can almost make it into outer space, James Bond should be able to.

Also, as Bond fans will recall the “far fetched” plot of Moonraker involved a private company taking over the manufacturing of space shuttles then secretly using those craft for nefarious purposes. Well with the retiring of NASA’s space shuttle, that’s exactly what’s happening today (minus, hopefully, the nefarious purposes).

This jetpack runs of pure manliness.

We Need Some Cool Gadgets Again

The gadgets in recent Bond movies have been pretty lame. Most of them have basically been the equivalent of fancy smartphone apps. I’m hankering for the return of jetpacks and laser-shooting fashion accessories. These might feel out of place in a more serious Bond movie, but they’d fit right in, in a Bond movie that fully embraces sci-fi.

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