New Thor-Filled TV Spot For 'The Avengers' Presented By Tony Stark's Derp Face

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04.12.12 2 Comments

When we posted some new Avengers clips and pictures yesterday, we didn’t realize there was another Thor-centric TV spot and (most importantly) the frame above screencapped by TheShiznit and brought to our attention on this glorious day. Truly yesterday and all preceding days shall be declared the dark age of Pre-Tony Stark Derp Face, and all days henceforth shall be fondly regarded as Post-TSDF, a golden age of Stark Herp and Derp for all who seek it. Let it be entered into the official record (Hello Kitty diary) and confirmed by our witness for all things Avengers, our resident notary public Thorgi:


[Sources: BleedingCool, TheShiznit, and TastefullyOffensive]

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