Guess How Much Money It Takes To Be Batman and Iron Man

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Do you ever wonder how much money Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have and how much of it goes into their superpower-free crimefighting gadgets? I think about it daily and, no, I am not ten years old. Furthermore, Sasquatch would totally beat the Chupacabra in a fight. But getting back to Batman and Iron Man’s immense wealth, Money Market put together some estimates of the pertinent numbers. So how does DC’s wealthy, playboy, child-collecting Gothamite stack up to Marvel’s genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist?

The infographics below give the breakdown of costs (although they left out some expenses like research and development). Bottom line: Iron Man outspends Batman by nearly a billion dollars. Not surprising when you consider that Wayne Enterprises has an estimated worth of $7 billion while Stark’s personal wealth is estimated to be $9.3 billion while his company, Stark Industries, is estimated to be worth $20.3 billion. I can’t believe I’m talking about this as if they were real.

Speaking of things which actually exist, today I learned Kevlar Nomex Groin Armor costs $1,000. After I smash my Hello Kitty bank against the wall and start a Kickstarter for the other $996.50, I’ll be one piece of armor closer to being Batman. In fact, I might start early and just deflect all the bullets with my groin. Like usual.

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Spider-Man: still poor.

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