Fly-Eating Clock: Are Humans Next?

Senior Contributor

Hey, remember that “bio-mass” powered robot that haunts your nightmares and presages the day that robots will farm us for fuel, laughing as they burn our flesh for energy? A couple of guys in the UK made a clock out of it.
There’s no indication that James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau are insane, just not really considering the implications of their actions. The clock is powered with a microbial fuel cell: as it captures flies, a conveyor belt feeds the disease-spreading little monsters to the fuel cell, which breaks them down into energy that powers the conveyor and a clock, if you have enough flies. They’re working on a sonic converter to get the energy from the flies screaming in terror and agony.
Video of the fly murder clock on the next slide.

[ via the Brundleflies at Make ]

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