Free Super Mario Brothers Crossover Game Gets An Awesome Update

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash-based emulation of Super Mario Bros. we haven’t heard much about since With Leather brought it to our attention. The game is free to play online and lets you play all levels of the NES classic not just as Mario, but also as Link (from The Legend Of Zelda), Simon (from Castlevania), Samus (from Metroid), Bill (from Contra), and Mega Man (from Burger Time…).

Now Exploding Rabbit has added new graphics options, new abilities, new chiptunes from the characters’ Super Nintendo and Gameboy games, and three more characters: Sophia III (from Blaster Master), Ryu (from Street Fighter), and Luigi (from games that prompted gamers to ask, “Where the #%&! is Mario?”). Not all the changes are available yet (the new characters are already playable, thankfully); they’ll be releasing the finalized version 2 within the next few months. Here’s the trailer for this awesomeness in the meantime:

[Tip of the red hat to TheDailyWhat.]

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