Sarah Palin Doppelgänger Fights Nazis From The Moon

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We hate mooninite Nazis, but we love reporting news about mooninite Nazi flick Iron Sky, which is set to release on April 4th of this year after over six years of planning. A substantial portion of the film’s $10 million budget was raised through crowdfunding, including a promotion where donors of $1.50 or more could watch the first five minutes of the film. The new trailer below, however, costs nothing, but feel free stuff some singles in our waistbands. Bloggers are basically whores anyway.

Iron Sky, directed by Timo Vuorensola from Finland, has a simple, completely-plausible premise: Nazis fled to the dark side of the moon in 1945 after making a breakthrough in anti-gravity technology. In 2018 they invade Earth, and the President of the United States — Kiwi actress Stephanie Paul doing a Sarah Palin impersonation — can’t wait to declare a war in her first term to guarantee her re-election. Sounds legit.

[Trailer via LaughingSquid. Images courtesy of Blind Spot Pictures.]

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