Joseph Gordon-Levitt Announces He’s Producing ‘Sandman’, May Be Doing More

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12.17.13 9 Comments


Earlier this month we reported a rumor that David Goyer pitched a movie based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman to Warner Brothers, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was involved. Now Gordon-Levitt has posted on Twitter that he’s working with Goyer, Warner, and Neil Gaiman on Sandman, which he also awesomely hashtagged Prelude.

The news stories about this have been saying Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring in and directing Sandman, but he’s clarified on Twitter that he’s only the producer right now, with a possibility of more later.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Announces On Twitter That He's Producing Sandman, May Also Star And/Or Direct

No question is ever too unintentionally — or intentionally — dumb for Twitter.

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