Brilliant Marketing Cross-Promotions, Corgi At A Water Park, And Links

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‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ and batteries? We see what you did there, Sainsbury’s.

Live Q&A: Jay Chandrasekhar And Kevin Heffernan Of The Babymakers |Film Drunk|

The Very Best Of 30 Rock’s ‘Doctor’ Leo Spaceman |UPROXX|

Breaking Badass Power Rankings: ‘Fifty-One’ |Warming Glow|

YouTube Commenter Outrage: Ragu’s Hilarious Olympic Ad |With Leather|

10 Instances of Cheryl Burke Looking Gloriously Thick |Smoking Section|

NBC’s ‘The Office’ Finally Does Something Right |Warming Glow|

10 ’50s Sex Symbols Who Would Have Blown Up The Internet |UPROXX|

The Cat Olympics Make The London Games More Palpable For The Internet |UPROXX|

Boomer Esiason Says He’d Cut Tim Tebow (With A Broken Beer Bottle) (Not Really) |With Leather|

The Steven Seagal Movie Plot Generator |Film Drunk|

The Internet Reacts To The Mars Curiosity Rover |UPROXX|

NBC Vs. NASA |High Definite|

Olympic Village Orientation (NSFW) |Gorilla Mask|

Joss Whedon’s 15 Greatest Musical Moments |Pajiba|

4 Times Olympians Refused Their Medals |Mental Floss|

Five Truly Underappreciated Bad Guys in Movies |Unreality|

The ten worst videogame-inspired movies of the past ten years |Fark|

Custom Xenomorph Skull Is the Stuff Nightmares are Made of |Technabob|

The Only Surviving Film Footage of Mark Twain (with Sound) |College Humor|

VIDEO BELOW: Corgi loves the water park, and we love the corgi. |via HYST|

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[Pictures via Buzzfeed and Sofa Pizza.]

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