The Time Adam West And Leonard Nimoy Played The Drums Together (And Links)

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The Best Of The Reddit AMA The Cast Of ‘The League’ Did Yesterday |UPROXX|

Tom Brady’s Swearing Actually The Result Of Teammate Trolling |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Liz Lemon Guide To Life And Love |Warming Glow|

Liam Neeson raises $20k for breast cancer research by stripping down to a pink Speedo and going in a dunk tank |Fark|

If Disney Villains Had Won |Unreality|

A Cityscape of Bike Parts |High Definite|

The 15 Best Movies Based On Banned Books |Pajiba|

‘South Park’ Takes On Honey Boo Boo |HuffPost Comedy|

10 Beefs That 50 Cent Has Quashed Over The Years |Vibe|

1 GIF That Sums Up Every Mumford & Sons Song |Buzzfeed|

Chocolate Chip S’mores Cookies Are Life-Changing |Daily What|

22 Fantastic Vintage Photos of People Taking Naps |Mental Floss|

10 Hot Actresses Who Should Stop Doing Horror Movies |Complex|

Things That Should Be Like They Are on TV But Aren’t |College Humor|

World Sexiest Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Is Still Bouncing Around |Brobible|

VIDEO BELOW: Two dogs keep a balloon in the air. THE FLOOR IS LAVA! |via HYST|

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[Pictures via @TheRealNimoy and Reddit.]

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