Excitement About Magnets In Today’s Links

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“Yeah Bitch! Magnets!”

Breaking Bad Discussion: ‘Yeah Bitch! Magnets!’ |UPROXX|

Breaking Badass Power Rankings: ‘Live Free Or Die’ |Warming Glow|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Money In The Bank |With Leather|

10 Songs That Prove Nicki Minaj Can Rap |Smoking Section|

Nikki Finke Threatened To “Destroy” Bret Easton Ellis |Film Drunk|

Nooooo! ‘How I Met Your Mother’ May Be Renewed For 9th Season |Warming Glow|

Did Jay Cutler Sing Worst ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ Of All-Time? |With Leather|

The Best Of Non-Spoilery #Bane GIFs |UPROXX|

8 Classic Nerd Maneuvers |College Humor|

13 Products That Can’t Possibly Work |HuffPost Comedy|

Grading Jerry’s Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld’ (53 pics) |BroBible|

Tina Fey’s Awkward Teen Years: An Appreciation |Buzzfeed|

Walter White Inspired Kickstarter Is Finally Here |Daily What|

“Whoever Warner Bros hires to reboot the ‘Batman’ films a few years from now, I wish you luck. The bar is as high as it could possibly be” |Fark|

Breaking Bad Fingernails Make a Meth of Girl’s Fingertips |Technabob|

10 Random, Weird Film Casting Choices that Somehow Worked |Pajiba|

Gary Oldman’s dramatic reading from R. Kelly’s Autobiography |GorillaMask|

The Six Most Messed Up Moments In David Lynch Movies. Only six? |Unreality|

VIDEO BELOW: Pancake the kitten battles a doberman. |via The Daily What|

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[Pictures via Pleated-Jeans and The Frogman.]

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