Mila Kunis Wants To Play A Superhero. Let’s Do This.

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07.30.12 17 Comments

Mila Kunis recently said she’d like to play a superhero, and since that usually involves spandex and kicking ass we are completely on board. Kunis spoke about her superhero fantasies in a recent issue of Heat magazine. Wait, magazines are still a thing? Anyway, Kunis said she can happily retire once she’s played a cool superhero.

“Once I do a really awesome superhero movie, I’m done,” she said. “Not a cheesy one, but a solid cool superhero. Like Superman, but a woman. And cooler.” Kunis added: “My friend [Seth Green] actually writes a comic book called Freshmen and he based the lead character [Annalee Rogers – The Puppeteer] on me. And when he was doing it he asked what I wanted my powers to be and I was like, ‘I want big boobs and a big old ass and a cape’.” [Digital Spy]

Well, don’t we all?

As for that Freshmen comic, the character based on Mila Kunis, The Puppeteer (pictured above, right), is a psychology student who can jump into other people’s minds. The comic ended its short run in 2007. Who could have guessed that a comic where characters had superpowers like “hoarding nuts”, “being sticky”, and “having a fifteen-foot long penis” wouldn’t run for years?

[Banner image via Jaguar PS / and Comic Vine.]

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