Behold The Nic Cage Voltron (And Links)

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Click to enlarge, if you can withstand the Cage-ness.

Groundbreaking Stuff You’ll Find In Social Media Within A Year |UPROXX|

Christian Bale Visited Aurora, Colorado Shooting Victims |UPROXX|

Born Into The ’90s: 7 Young Stars It’s Perfectly Okay To Lust After |Smoking Section|

Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Streaming: TV Actresses In Awful Movies |Film Drunk|

Of Course Mickey Rourke Says Beat Usain Bolt In A Street Race |With Leather|

Television’s 12 Most Bad-Ass Brag Lines |Warming Glow|

Phillies Ball Girl #CanGetIt |With Leather|

Here Is One Of The Most Hated TV Trailers In The History Of YouTube |Warming Glow|

Martin Scorsese Made An iPhone Ad |Film Drunk|

New Twitter Verifications |College Humor|

A Police Composite Sketch of Dracula |High Definite|

85 LOL-Worthy Animal Photobombs |HuffPost Comedy|

Bohemian Rhapsody Kite Routine of the Day |Daily What|

Facehugger Corset is Hugging the Wrong Stuff |Technabob|

Apparently, ostrich races exist. And if this video is any indication, they are hilarious on so many levels. |GorillaMask|

Tim Heidecker Wrote A 14 Minute Song About The Titanic |Buzzfeed|

13 Short-Lived TV Series Nominated for an Emmy After They’d Been Cancelled |Pajiba|

Anne Hathaway up for a Catwoman spin-off. Warners probably up for making a sh-tload of money from it |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: It’s good to know this dog is ready if that cat gets too drunk to walk home. |via BioTV|

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[Pictures via Reddit and Epic4Chan.]

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