Lego Dimensions

The Latest ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Trailer Details The Game’s Crazy Universe-Hopping Storyline

By | 3 Comments

'LEGO Dimensions' has a story, because dammit, Batman, Gandalf and Marty McFly hanging out has to make sense.

#Star Wars

Grimes Wrote A Letter To Show Her Love Of ‘Star Wars’

By | 9 Comments

"I first came to love 'Star Wars' before I could even walk."

#Video Games

The UPROXX GammaStream Goes Anime With ‘Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds’


We stream Japanese schoolgirls beating up demons because... hey, who wouldn't?


Comics Of Note, Ranked For July 29

By | 4 Comments

What took the top of our weekly new comics rankings?

Super Smash Bros.

First-Person, Real Life ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Is A Smash Attack To The Senses


Grab your Pepto-Bismol, because somebody has imagined what Smash Bros. would be like in virtual reality.

#Doctor Strange

The ‘Daredevil’ Team May Have Just Leaked Rachel McAdams’ Role For ‘Doctor Strange’

By | 12 Comments

A 'Daredevil' showrunner might have just let slip who Rachel McAdams is playing in 'Doctor Strange.'


This Guy Built A LEGO Exoskeleton For A Tiny Adorable Jaeger Robot


If we need to destroy tiny deep sea aliens, we're almost ready.

#Fantastic Four

A ‘Fantastic Four’ Video Explains Why The Thing Doesn’t Have Pants

By | 17 Comments

Why can we see The Thing's rocks? Let the military explain with a PowerPoint presentation!

#Channing Tatum

Report: Channing Tatum May Not Play Gambit After All

By | 29 Comments

Is Channing Tatum exiting the 'Gambit' film that his sexiness breathed life into?


Chris Pine Officially Signs On To Play Steve Trevor In ‘Wonder Woman’

By | 8 Comments

Pine is joining the DC Cinematic Universe, but not as the Green Lantern.


‘Daredevil’ Season Two Will Finally Feature Marvel’s Version Of The Punisher

By | 11 Comments

According to former showrunner Steven DeKnight, the new season of 'Daredevil' will feature the 'most Marvel version' of the Punisher yet.

call of duty: advanced warfare

Check Out The Gameplay Trailer For The Final ‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ DLC Pack


Get ready for one more dose of 'Advanced Warfare' before 'Black Ops III' shoves it out of the way.

Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix Unveils ‘Dragon Quest XI’ And Announces It Will Likely Come To The Nintendo NX

By | 4 Comments

The first game for Nintendo's next gaming machine has been unofficially announced.


Dear ‘Gotham': Stop Casting!

By | 28 Comments

'Gotham' has a sprawling season two coming up... but it'd be nice to know it was actually focused on its best characters.

#Street Fighter V

The ‘Street Fighter V’ Beta Was Such A Disaster That Capcom Shut It Down

By | 4 Comments

Fans who pre-ordered "Street Fighter V" for beta access were left disappointed after Capcom servers couldn't handle the crush of players.

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