Honest Trailers Takes Aim At ‘Counter-Strike,’ The Game That Refuses To Die

By | 5 Comments

Somehow, someway, 'Counter-Strike' is still going strong, and Honest Trailers tries to find out why.


Hold All My Calls, A New Type Of Yeast Can Home-Brew Morphine And Codeine

By | 2 Comments

It's now possible to brew opioids using three new genetically-modified types of brewer's yeast.


Nintendo Appoints Bowser As Vice President Of Sales

By | 4 Comments

Bowser finally gets the recognition he deserves.

#Star Wars

Fascinating Facts From ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ On Its 35th Anniversary

By | 20 Comments

Revisit some behind the scenes facts and trivia behind one of science fiction's greatest achievements.

The Flash

All The Easter Eggs From ‘The Flash’ Finale

By | 69 Comments

'The Flash' had a lot of Easter Eggs last night. Let's see what the writing team left for us!

#Star Wars

Watch Kendo Swordsmen Spar With Toy Lightsabers

By | 2 Comments

This is as close as we'll likely ever get to watching a lightsaber fight.


Anne Hathaway’s Artsy Fartsy ‘Godzilla’ Film Sued By The Lizard’s Rights Holders

By | 9 Comments

Stealing a legendary monster's name for an indie film isn't the wisest plan.


Check Out Some Concept Art For The Final ‘Daredevil’ Costume

By | 4 Comments

The designers behind Matt Murdock's final look in the Netflix series talked about the process of designing, selecting, and making the suit.


There’s A Good Chance Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord Will Show Up In ‘Infinity War’

By | 14 Comments

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Jurassic World' star let slip the details of his Marvel contract.


A Real-Life Captain America Saved Two People From A Fiery Car Accident

By | 3 Comments

U.S. Army Captain Steve Voglezon did it all while wearing a Captain American t-shirt. This is publicity Marvel can't buy.


Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ Heads Back In Time

By | 537 Comments

'The Flash' will finally show us why Barry can't save his mom in the season finale.

#Star Wars

Turns Out Michael Arndt Couldn’t Finish His ‘Star Wars’ Script In Time

By | 8 Comments

The 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Toy Story 3' writer couldn't get a draft done in time for the film's shooting schedule.


‘Jem’ Producer Thinks Lowered Expectations Will Lead To Fans Being Pleasantly Surprised

By | 17 Comments

'Jem and The Holograms' producer Jason Blum says don't judge a book/movie on its cover/trailer.

street fighter v

M. Bison Unleashes The Psycho Crusher In The Latest Trailer For ‘Street Fighter V’

By | 3 Comments

The guy you love to hate is the latest addition to the 'Street Fighter V' roster.

simon pegg

Simon Pegg Explained That Nerd Kerfuffle And Called Himself An ‘A-Grade Asshorn’

By | 15 Comments

Stop typing that hot take you're working on, Simon Pegg has some 'splaining to do.

mad max: fury road

So The Flamethrowing Guitar In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is A Working Musical Instrument

By | 17 Comments

Yes, that flamethrowing guitar not only works as a flamethrower, but as a musical instrument.

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