Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Looks At ‘Sara’ Tonight

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'Arrow' remembers Black Canary in this episode, and hunts her unsurprising killer.


‘Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell’ Has A New, Earlier Release Date And A Deadly Sinful Trailer

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'Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell' has new Seven Deadly Sins-themed weapons, and surprisingly sloth is way better than lust.


‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Prometheus,’ And Other Comics Of Note, October 15th

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Dark Horse packs in some xenomorphs, Marvel goes horror, and more in our look at this week's comics.

The Flash

Who Is Ezra Miller, The Flash Of The DC Cinematic Universe?

By | 24 Comments

Meet your new Flash, Ezra Miller, and figure out where you've seen him before.


There Was Almost A Kinect ‘Saints Row’ Game Full Of Brawling and Motion-Controlled Lap Dances


Interacting with stripper butts via the Kinect is an idea long past due.

#DC Comics

Jason Momoa Is Aquaman, Warner Reveals ‘The Flash’ Cast & Upcoming Movies, Including ‘Suicide Squad’

By | 22 Comments

Warner just revealed several of their upcoming movies, along with an announcement of who'll be playing Aquaman and The Flash.

civilization: beyond earth

‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ Is Not Messing Around In Its Opening Cinematic

By | 5 Comments

'Civilization: Beyond Earth' would like you to know that if you screw up, that's it for humanity. No pressure!

Brad Bird

Brad Bird Explains Why He Chose ‘Tomorrowland’ Over ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

By | 6 Comments

Brad Bird passed on 'Star Wars: Episode VII' thanks to 'Tomorrowland.' So that doesn't set a lofty comparison at all.


Gillian Anderson Wants To Be A Ghostbuster

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Scully is tired of chasing aliens and would like to start beating up ghosts, at least according to Gillian Anderson.


This Honest Trailer Is The Only Thing About ‘Dark Souls’ We Don’t Want To Rage-Quit

By | 3 Comments

It's the subject of silly thinkpieces and numerous rage-quits. Now 'Dark Souls' gets an honest trailer.


All The Ways New York Comic-Con Has Surpassed San Diego Comic-Con

By | 10 Comments

New York Comic Con has officially surpassed San Diego in terms of attendance numbers. Here's why that's a good thing.

#Jurassic World

This ‘Jurassic World’ Teaser Poster Looks Quite Familiar, But The Movie Sounds Awesome

By | 13 Comments

Here's the first poster for 'Jurassic World' and a closer look at what to expect from the plot in the film.

doctor strange

Ewan McGregor May Wave His Magic Wand Around As ‘Doctor Strange’

By | 14 Comments

Now that Joaquin Phoenix won't be 'Doctor Strange', Ewan McGregor may play the titular medical professional of unusual disposition.

The Flash

Liveblog Reminder: The Flash Zips Into Its Second Episode

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The Flash meets Multiplex in his second episode, and we're here to liveblog it.

Far Cry 4

Will You Survive? The Latest ‘Far Cry 4′ Trailer Makes It Look Unlikely.


Check out new disco-flavored 'Far Cry 4' trailer and eight minutes of co-op gameplay.


Detective Gordon From ‘Gotham’ Explains His Investigative Method To An Old Friend

By | 20 Comments

It's weird that Detective Gordon spends a lot of time discussing crimes with a 12-year-old on 'Gotham,' right?


What To Know Before You Play ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!’

By | 9 Comments

'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!' arrives today. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of it.

marvel cinematic universe

Here’s Why The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Fighting A ‘Civil War’

By | 35 Comments

Why are Captain America and Iron Man going to fight, beyond it being cool? We explain.


The Countdown Is Over, Here’s Your ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!’ Launch Trailer

By | 11 Comments

'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!' goes nuclear and deploys The Final Countdown for their launch trailer.

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