Is Sugar Really Killing 180,000 People A Year?

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A new study claims 180,000 people a year die thanks to sugary drinks. But there's far more to the study than the headlines tell you.


The Honest Trailer For ‘Watch Dogs’ Has Much Hacking. Such Future. Wow.


"The freedom of 'Just Cause'. The humor of 'Grand Theft Auto'. And the fun of 'Saints Row'... are not in this game. But, you DO have a phone!"

#Ant Man

Peyton Reed Is Down For An ‘Ant-Man’ Prequel


Peyton Reed is already thinking about 'Ant-Man 2.'

uh oh

Mind Control Might Be Real, And Even Creepier Than It Sounds

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Mind control is, as of now, science fiction. But it just had a major breakthrough.


Adam Nimoy’s Spock Documentary Has Reached Its Kickstarter Goal


Adam Nimoy's film about his father has achieved its budget with less than a day to spare.

peter jackson

Peter Jackson Is Hiding Bilbo’s Bag End In His Basement

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Peter Jackson has been hiding Bilbo's Bag End in his basement. This is not a euphemism.

fantastic four

Someone Should Find Ben Grimm Some Pants In This New ‘Fantastic Four’ TV Spot

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Kanye West provides the soundtrack to the latest 'Fantastic Four' TV spot, featuring the young hip heroes showing off their powers.

#suicide squad

Jai Courtney Claims Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Rat Has Found A New Home

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According to Captain Boomerang, the Joker's live rat is now living with a rather famous director who has nothing to do with 'Suicide Squad.'


Jon Bernthal Is Busy Reading Up On His Punisher Comics For ‘Daredevil’

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To research his role on season 2 of Netflix's 'Daredevil,' Jon Bernthal has been immersing himself in multiple issues of the 'Punisher' comics series.

#Ant Man

Evangeline Lilly Explains Punching To Paul Rudd In The Latest ‘Ant-Man’ Clip

By | 4 Comments

Hope Van Dyne (Lilly) explains the science behind shrunken punching to Scott Lang (Rudd) in the latest 'Ant-Man' clip.


Want To Watch Mystique And Beast Make Out? The Answer Is Yes, You Do.

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It's one of three new clips from the upcoming 'Rogue Cut' of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' which comes out July 14.

thor: ragnarok

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Says Kenneth Branagh Won’t Be Back For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

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Kevin Feige says it's too early to announce a director for the next Thor movie, but rumors pointing to Kenneth Branagh are false.


Why Marvel’s Upcoming Reboot Needs To Get Weird

By | 18 Comments

Marvel is going with the characters everyone knows in their reboot. But maybe it's time they cut loose, instead.

civilization: beyond earth

Check Out The New Features In The First ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’ Expansion


'Civilization: Beyond Earth - Riding Tide' will take you to the bottom of alien oceans.

#Ant Man

Paul Rudd Tests Out His New Suit For The First Time In This Clip From ‘Ant-Man’

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Taking a sci-fi shrinking suit for a test drive doesn't always go according to plan in this new sneak peek.

leap second

Why Do We Have Leap Seconds? An Explainer

By | 9 Comments

A leap second will arrive today and potentially wreak a little havoc... but why do we have them in the first place?

mike tyson's punch out!!

From Tomato Cans To Mike Tyson: The Definitive ‘Punch-Out!!’ Fighter Power Rankings

By | 25 Comments

Glass Joe, Mike Tyson and everybody in between. Who are our favorite boxers in 'Punch-Out!!' history?

Black Panther

Kevin Feige Reveals How We’ll Meet ‘Black Panther’

By | 8 Comments

Why is Black Panther only appearing in the Marvel Universe now? Kevin Feige, Marvel mastermind, explains.


This New Coffee Printer Can Customize Your Latte Foam


If you've ever wanted to see your face in a cappuccino, the time is now.


Robot Construction Worker Can Work 20 Times Faster, Catcall 73 Percent More Efficiently


Australia hastens our descent in to Skynet-controlled takeover by creating robot bricklayers.

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