More ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Set Photos Reveal Potential Spoilers

Entertainment Editor

Yesterday, we spoke about these set photos from Thor: Ragnarok revealing a spoiler regarding a character who’ll probably cameo in the film (which we’re probably guessing may have something to do with Jeff Goldblum’s role as The Grandmaster). Now we have a few more set photos that hint at other story details. The most revealing one is above, featuring Chris Hemsworth and a decidedly goth-looking Tom Hiddleston on the set in Brisbane, Australia, which is standing in for New York City.

They’re sitting in front of a New York style newsstand, and the headlines on the newspapers behind Hemsworth are quite telling:

  • “Hammer Attack” (with a photo that looks like a Ronald McDonald / Thor mashup, which exists)
  • “Has Thor Returned: God Of Thunder Strikes It Up With Lady Justice” (This may be a reference to Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson.)
  • “Time Square Murder” (Uh, it’s spelled Times Square.)
  • “Villain Loki Spotted”

And here’s another Loki spotting. Hiddleston posted this photo, captioned “now and then”:

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