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Week in Review: Rebecca Black and the Situation must be stopped [UproxxNews]

Burnsy and Pauly D serve up The Situation’s Lost Roast Jokes [FOD]

Frotcast 39: Rebecca Black, Guy Fieri, the Racist UCLA Girl, Battle: Los Angeles [Filmdrunk]

NBC did something right [WarmingGlow]

I’ll show you my bracket if you show me yours. [WithLeather]

March Madness And Your Job: Can They Coexist? [TSS]

Darren Aronofsky drops out of Wolverine, chance of sucking now at 96% [Filmdrunk]

A Symphony Of Goats [EgoTV]

Mel Gibson is photogenic [WWTDD]

First Ever Motocross 360 Front Flip [ForkParty]

The Latest in Stoner Tech [UGO]

Famous Leprechauns From Pop Culture [Gunaxin]

Nine Insane Videos of Soccer Hooligans In Action [TSJ]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Getting Drunk in Video Games [G4TV]

Emma Watson is a Handsome Little Fella [TheSuperficial]

‘Red Dawn’ Remake Replaces Chinese With North Koreans [Moviefone]

Did you like the chia dog from a couple days ago?  Here are 8 more. [Buzzfeed]

VIDEO BELOW: Super Mario Bros. as a first-person shooter [Freddie Wong via Kotaku]

[Pictures via TheFrogman and Reddit]

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