Presidential Avengers Are Here To Battle High Prices

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07.03.12 7 Comments

The artwork for Trader Joe’s is done in-house by local artists, which is how the one-of-a-kind Presidential Avengers pictured above came to be. This display was spotted at a TJ’s in San Rafael, CA, by Megan Lee of Unicornucopia. The artist responsible for this triumph of savings is Jesse Draper, who is a photographer, illustrator, and portrait artist when not making grocery trips more entertaining.

The only thing missing from this soaring demonstration of patriotism is Thomas Jefferson as Hawkeye, Betsy Ross as Black Widow (so sexy), and — most importantly — William Howard Taft as Spider-Man. He wasn’t in the movie or in this display because he was stuck in a bathtub, you see.

[Hat tip and a Happy 4th of July to G4TV.]

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