Bungie Knows We’re Making Fun Of Them, Responds Awesomely

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The day after Sony’s PS4 live conference, we posted the photo above of the four Bungie representatives looking hella awkward. From left to right, this is Marty O’Donnell (audio director), Harold Ryan (president), Jonty Barnes (executive producer), and Ondraus Jenkins (head of corporate development).

Bungie were aware of the picture’s popularity on these here internets, so community manager David Dague posted this picture of everyone* at Bungie wearing blazers with their arms awkwardly hanging at their sides. (* Harold Ryan and Marty O’Donnell were added via photoshop.)

(Click here for full size.)

Well played, Bungie.

Additionally, Kotaku is running a photoshop contest based on Bungie’s PS4 presentation. Here are four of our favorites among the many over there:

[Pictures via Kotaku (1, 2) and Reddit.]

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