“BOOM! Blue And Orange!” The Entire PS4 Event Summarized In Under Four Minutes

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02.21.13 3 Comments

Nathan did a very excellent roundup of last night’s PS4 press conference to save us all some time. Now we also have an even shorter summary, with a dash of cheeky British wit from Matt Lees (last mentioned here for OXM’s Breakdown of sexism in video games).

His “abridged version” of Sony’s PS4 conference is three and a half minutes of spot-on commentary, with quotes like:

  • “We don’t want anything to get between you and the game. Here’s some stuff that gets between you and the game.”
  • “‘It provides a blank canvas that you can make anything you want with’ says the guy who only makes Grand Turismo games.”
  • “BOOM! Blue And Orange! Guns. Guns. Guns. Ropes.”
  • “We’re Square Enix, and here’s a video that we released last year. Oh, wait! We’ve got one last thing to tell you… at E3! LOL!”
  • “OH MY GOD IT’S NEWS FROM BLIZZAR– oh, it’s Diablo.”

And, for the love of God, never stop pretending you’re a dragon!

[Sources: Kotaku and Reddit]

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