Because They Do Move In Herds, Here’s The Screaming Goat Remix Of ‘Jurassic Park’

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07.02.14 3 Comments
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Our obsession with famous songs remixed with screaming goats has not abated in the least. It didn’t wane when we heard the Game Of Thrones themed “Game Of Goats” or when we heard insistent goats harking us a happy holiday, and it certainly wasn’t discouraged by this adorable little fellow.

Now John Williams’ iconic “Welcome To Jurassic Park” gets the yelling goat treatment in this video by Marca Blanca, maker of many a fine goat mashup (a skill all prospective UPROXX employees should put on their resume between “MCSE certification” and “buttchugging”. Just kidding about the MCSE certification).

Yelling goats are totally my anti-drug (yet ironically much funnier if you’re high). We just don’t know what to say if don’t like this, but Dr. Ian Malcolm might have some advice:



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