Disney, Hire This Man: ‘Star Wars’ Fan Video Features The Millennium Falcon

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05.15.14 6 Comments

A wife gives her husband the best birthday present ever, a working Millennium Falcon, in a short video called “Big Red Bow”. It was made by Bruce Branit — a visual effects artist who’s worked on Breaking Bad and Lost — as a spec ad for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends kicking off tomorrow. Disney, hire this man.

The video’s chockablock with Easter eggs, which we’ll round up after the video.

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Easter eggs:

  • The wine bottle says Alderaan Vineyards.
  • The earrings are from Kessel. (He went to Kessel!)
  • The credits symbol and name Lando are on the valet podium outside Cantina Jazz.
  • Her name is Leia.
  • Their house number is is 1138 (as in THX 1138).
  • “I love you.” | “I know.”
  • “I have a bad feeling about this.”
  • Chewy’s voice is coming from the dog.

Add your own in the comments, if we missed any.

Via Technabob and Gizmodo

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