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Underwear-clad man stabs computer with samurai sword because it was full of child porn |Film Drunk|

Introducing The With Leather Interactive Awesome Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker |With Leather|

7 Early Frontrunners For 2012′s ‘Song of the Summer’ Distinction |UPROXX|

Woo Woo! Let’s Celebrate ‘Cougar Town’s’ TBS Renewal with Laurie Keller’s Best GIFs |Warming Glow|

The 10 Best Swansonisms From ‘Parks & Rec’ Season 4 |UPROXX|

Virgin America Wins The Prize For Today’s Best Tribute To Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch |UPROXX|

Alison Brie Made Balloon Animals, Discussed Nude Massages Last Night |Warming Glow|

Should There Be A Two-Year Minimum For NBA Eligibility? |Smoking Section|

The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim |With Leather|

Frotcast 99: Miley vs. Miley, Hott Goss, and Laremy |UPROXX|

Did Chris Brown Call Rihanna A Garden Tool? |Smoking Section|

30 Times Rihanna Stuck It To The Man |Buzzfeed|

The Civil Wars Cover ‘Billie Jean’ Live |High Definite|

The 6 Worst Movie Trailers in Recent Memory |Pajiba|

Guy Gets Job By Putting His Face On Billboard |Guy Speed|

The Way You Do Things in Public vs. in Private. |College Humor|

25 Funny Mother’s Day Quotes From Comedians |HuffPo Comedy|

How to Launch Yourself into the Stratosphere Using an Airbag |Brobible|

VIDEOS BELOW: Bear cubs forming a conga line and a little girl taking the dog for a completely normal walk. |via BioTV and Arbroath|

[Pictures via Final Ellipsis and Afternoon Snooze Button.]

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