10 real life geeks masquerading as celebrities


The Geek has inherited the Earth. From Wil Wheaton to Felicia Day to Stephen Colbert, being a champion of sci-fi/fantasy is a viable career in the 21st century.

But not every celebrity is lucky enough make a living playing tabletop games or explaining why the new lightsaber is awesome. Even famous people have gotta pay the bills and feed their hobbies – whether it be by starring in the James Bond franchise or slathering on pancake make-up and black eyeshadow and singing.

There are celebrities who don”t get talk about their love of video games, pen and paper, and painted miniatures every day. Yet sometimes the topic comes up over the course of an interview – a soundbite here, a quote there – and these men and women get a chance to let their geek flag fly.

After the jump, we”ve collected 10 celebrities who might not be well known for their love of wizards and starships, but they love them all the same.

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