YouTube Comedy Week Video of the Day: Amy Poehler and the smart girls of ‘Broad City’

05.24.13 5 years ago

Nothing jumped out at me from today’s collection of Comedy Week videos (I know, I’m so discerning), but then I noticed a new episode of Amy Poehler’s terrific web series “Smart Girls at the Party.” If you aren’t aware of the show, which has been around for years, it’s essentially a collection of interviews with women and girls who are doing awesome and unexpected things. Just knowing it’s out there — that Amy Poehler is using her significant fame and influence to be supportive of other women — is really nice and reassuring. Especially with jerks like Jerry Lewis roaming the earth.

In this episode, Amy sits down with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson to talk about their upcoming Comedy Central series “Broad City,” which is being produced by Amy herself. “Broad City”  will be adapted from an existing web series about a pair of friends attempting to navigate the potholed labyrinths* of New York City.  *metaphorical

Here’s a teaser:

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