Arcade Fire played new music at a secret show this weekend

12.03.12 5 years ago

Arcade Fire are definitely on track to releasing new music in the coming year, especially since they’re previewing even more of it at secret shows.

The Montreal-based rock crew performed a tiny show in their hometown this weekend according to fan site Arcade Fire Tube, and apparently the tunes are dance-worthy, if at the least upbeat. Only around 100 people were present for the show. The group were billed under the name Les Identiks.

So where’s the blurry live video with some loud dude talking over the sound of the bar’s clinking glasses? All those clued in to the performances swore to a no-phone, no-video, no-photo and no-recording policy.

Arcade Fire played a new song “Crucified Again” at a benefit show earlier this fall, you can see that here. Because those guys didn’t have the same policy.

Arcade Fire’s last album “The Suburbs” was released in August 2010.

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