Ben Affleck seemingly has existential crisis when asked about ‘BvS’ criticism

03.25.16 1 year ago

Batman v Superman is getting pummeled by movie critics. NPR, as just one example among so many, called the superhero blockbuster “a ponderous, smothering, over-pixelated zeppelin crash of a movie.” It appears that all the criticism is getting to Batman himself, Ben Affleck.

In an interview with Tom Butler from Yahoo Movies, Affleck and his co-star Henry Cavill were asked about the negative reviews (or as Butler politely calls it, “a mixed response.”) That”s when someone from the YouTube channel Sabconth decided to have some fun at the Dark Knight”s expense.

As you”ll see in the video below, Affleck seemingly zones out as Cavill answers the question. He ultimately rejoins the interview just long enough to offer a terse response. And it”s all accompanied by the most appropriate of Simon & Garfunkel songs.

Here”s the video…

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