Bill Nye on joining ‘Dancing with the Stars’: ‘It will be a personal exploration’

09.04.13 4 years ago

Bill Nye on joining “Dancing with the Stars”: “It will be a personal exploration”
“I”ll be fighting decades of bad posture, which may prove my undoing,” The Science Guy writes in a blog post. “But of course, I’m a competitive guy; I am in this to win. It will be a personal exploration; whenever we explore we make discoveries (like how to stand up straight at last), and we have an adventure. As unusual as this may seem, I believe we can broaden awareness of the Society and thereby humankind’s exploration of the Cosmos one ballroom dance at a time. Here’s hoping you’ll tune in.” PLUS: Jack Osbourne wants to bring attention to MS, there’s a “Saved by the Bell” reunion on this season’s “Dancing,” and Anna Trebunskaya is pregnant and sitting out this season.

Elizabeth Hurley to play The Queen on E!’s “The Royals”
She’ll play the devious and conflicted Queen Helena on E!’s drama about a fictional royal family, from the creator of “One Tree Hill.”

Jane Lynch honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star

The “Glee” star’s ceremony was attended by Ryan Murphy.

Farewell, “Futurama”
Fourteen years after its premiere, the underappreciated Matt Groening and David X. Cohen animated series says goodbye tonight on Comedy Central. PLUS: David X. Cohen looks back, and why “Futurama” was better than “The Simpsons.”

“Modern Family” celebrates 100 episodes
Check out the giant 100th-episode cake.

A&E orders a “Nashville” reality show
“Crazy Hearts: Nashville” will follow aspiring country music artists as they strive for stardom in the country music capital.

Teresa Giudice is bringing her attorney to “Real Housewives” reunion taping
The federally indicted Bravo star is limited in what she can say publicly.

W. Kamau Bell returns tonight with a daily “Totally Biased” on FXX
What was his reaction to getting a 130-episode pickup?

FXX debuts in an odd way
“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “The League” are on a new night, up against FX’s “The Bridge.” That’s so both comedies won’t face tomorrow’s NFL game, yet it’ll likely confuse viewers who have no idea where FXX is located on their dial.

“The Good Wife” books Jason O’Mara
The Irish actor will play an Irish lawyer who’s defended gangsters in Ireland and is now joining Lockhart/Gardner.

Chicago TV station accidentally hangs up on Oprah

“WGN Morning News” was left red-faced when an automated voice cut off the media queen.

NBC orders “Former Fat Girl”
The comedy based on the book “10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl” is from J.J. Philbin (Regis’ daughter) and “Friday Night Lights” and “Parenthood” honcho Jason Katims.

“The Walking Dead” lifted its no more “The Wire” people policy for Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
Gilliard says producers worried about having too many “Wire” alums, especially with Chad Coleman already on the cast.

Kerry Washington: I’m going to continue not talking about my secret wedding

The “Scandal” star covers next month’s Glamour, where she doesn’t tell all about her wedding to NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha.

Ex-drug kingpin can relate to “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White
Cavario H., who had a crack distribution network in the ’80s, says he writers really got Walter’s evolution right. PLUS: “Hank” jealous of “Marie” and Michael J. Fox, and watch the “Breaking Bad” rock opera.

Were the James Franco roast’s gay jokes actually offensive?
One writer argues that they didn’t demean gayness or gay sex.

Watch “Parks and Rec’s” Season 5 gag reel
More than 20 minutes of hilarity.

“It’s Always Sunny” returns: Promoting Season 9 in Swedish was “really, really hard”
Glenn Howerton says doing a full Swedish episode would be very hard to pull off.

Cinemax will air the UK “Strike Back: Origins” starring Andrew Lincoln

The original “Strike Back” also starred Richard Armitage before changing over its cast.

Why “The League” is the closest thing we have to a new “Seinfeld”
The FXX series returning tonight has a co-creator, Jeff Schaffer, who was a key part of “Seinfeld.” PLUS: Seth Rogen helped write a Rafi and Dirty Randy episode.

Report: “Dr. Phil” to address “Bachelor” star Gia Allemand’s suicide
Allemand’s mom and Jake Pavelka are reportedly appearing on next Tuesday’s show.

Why are “Under the Dome” characters so uninteresting?
The CBS series needs to cut back on the dome and invest more in its characters.

Cookie Monster gets tamed by a British actor

Watch the “Sesame Street” star learn an important lesson in waiting.

“The Voice’s” Adam Levine launching a Kmart menswear line
Levine’s collection will include button-down shirts, cargo jackets and baseball caps.

Simon Cowell films an “X Factor” Israel promo with Bar Rafaeli
Rafaeli is the host of the Israeli version.

What if the “Felicity” theme had subtitles?

“Oooh de oh oh….”

Jeff Probst defends “Survivor” bringing back Redemption Island
“I just like that format,” he says.

Anthony Anderson will host NBC’s family game show “Wall of Fame”
The trivia show will feature a celebrity wall of fame.

See pics of Mindy Kaling’s shorter hairstyle on “The Mindy Project”
Here are some season premiere photos.

“CSI:NY’s” AJ Buckley is becoming a dad
He’s expecting his first child with his fiancée, an oncology nurse.

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