’24’ reboot gets its new Jack Bauer … and he’s familiar to ‘Walking Dead’ fans

01.26.16 2 years ago


The “24” reboot cast its lead, and he's a familiar face to “Walking Dead” and “Straight Outta Compton” fans.

Corey Hawkins, who played Dr. Dre in “Compton” and Heath in “Walking Dead,” will star as Eric Carter in “24: Legacy,” which Fox ordered to pilot a few weeks ago. Carter is the military hero who returns home from war and soon needs CTU's help, making him the new Jack Bauer (the actual Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland, won't be in the new “24,” nor, it looks like, will any of the old series' stars).

What does this mean for Heath? Well, probably nothing good, although I wouldn't assume he's a goner just yet. “24: Legacy” is just in the pilot stage for now, and that pilot may very well not get picked up. That would, of course, leave Hawkins free to continue as Heath … though the fact that he was free (both time-wise and contractually) to shoot the pilot in the first place isn't making me super optimistic. 

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